Student Behaviour Policy

Good behaviour is of primary significance in establishing an environment which is conducive to learning and teaching at the highest level. At the City of Knowledge academy, we believe that education is a transformative experience, that changes the hearts, minds and behaviours of our pupils for the better. We believe that it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to carefully develop and promote good behaviour, through rewarding its achievement, as well as highlighting and sanctioning bad behaviour.

Code of Conduct

  • Devote yourself completely to learning and practising what you have learnt
  • Be friendly and kind to everyone
  • Do not argue or use violence to settle problems and arguments
  • Keep yourself and the academy clean and tidy
  • Pick up any litter which you may say see in and around the academy and throw it in the bin
  • Always wear the correct uniform and ensure that it is clean
  • Arrive to class on time
  • Ensure that you have all necessary equipment ready for study
  • Do not shout, behave inappropriately or be impolite in and outside class
  • Complete all class work, homework and any other targets that you are set on time and to the best of your ability.


In case of the intentional or unintentional contravention of any of the rules of the code of conduct, sanctions will be utilised accordingly and fairly.

  • Verbal and non-verbal warnings in class
  • Private meeting with subject teacher; in which problems and consequences of misbehaviour are highlighted.
  • Yellow Report; the pupil will be placed on a behavioural programme supervised by head teacher, subject teacher and parents. The initial programme continues for 5 days. The aftermath of the behavioural programme depends on the pupil’s performance during this period.
  • Red Report; the pupil will be placed on a more severe behavioural programme supervised by head teacher, subject teacher and parents. During the period of the behavioural programme, the pupil will not be allowed in class. S/he will be required to complete their educational tasks in isolation. At this stage, the parents will informed about the severity of their child’s misbehaviour and its consequences.
  • Suspension; in case of continued misbehaviour the pupil will be suspended for a period of 3 days (minimum). Note, this period may vary depending on the severity of the misbehaviour.
  • Exclusion; in cases when all other avenues have been exhausted, or the child poses are threat to other students, such as a physical attack or bullying, the child will be excluded.
  • Note: In normal circumstances, the above sanctions are followed in that order. However in extreme circumstances, sanctions will be levied accordingly.

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