Holiday Initiatives

The holiday initiative is a unique set up of the City of Knowledge Academy, in which children and teenagers attend short courses designed with their specific educational and social needs in mind. These courses are tailored to bridge the increasing void between our children and traditional Islamic teachings. The principal focus of the courses is the notion of Tarbiyyah; refining the character of the students and inculcating a healthy sense of Adab in them. Another key component of the Holiday Initiatives is to address contemporary social and ethical problems which may be encountered by young Muslims in the West. As they engage day-to-day life at school, home, or even on the streets, our children are subject to a plethora of ‘issues’, which often pass unanswered. Initiatives such as these provide youth the chance to ask these questions in a warm welcoming environment, and scholars the chance to answer them in an insightful and understandable manner.

The Chosen One- peace and blessings be upon him- said, “There are two blessings about which most people are deluded; good health and free time (Sahih al-Bukhari). The Academy believes that holiday periods provide golden opportunities to sow the seeds of love, loyalty and liaison to the Best of Creation- peace and blessings be upon him- in the hearts of our children.

The Academy has, till now, organised two such Holiday Initiatives, where we open our doors to youth from the wider community, even those who are not students at the Children of the Quran Evening School. The programmes were successful with children and parents, and proved life-changing and enriching for many young people in our community.